Mittendorf Quality Construction
Mittendorf Quality Construction is a small company of skilled
and dedicated craftspeople. We are known for our integrity
and quality of work.

With projects ranging from beautiful new homes to substantial remodels, from face lifts for kitchens and baths to new decks and siding — all of our projects demonstrate how stunning results can be achieved by great trades people working in collaboration with our clients and architects.

Our solid reputation has been established through AIA awards, previous clients, owners of new MQC homes and recognition
from peers.

   Recently published in
   Fine Homebuilding Magazine

   Houses Annual Design Issue,
   Summer 2010, Issue No. 211.

   Reprinted with permission,
   Copyright 2010, The Taunton Press, Inc.

Mittendorf Quality Construction, San Juan island - new construction driveway Mittendorf Quality Construction - San Juan island - fireplace Mittendorf Quality Construction - Wedgewood, Seattle - new kitchen